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Proudly servicing Brisbane & the Gold Coast area with no fuss installation.

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Proudly servicing Brisbane & the Gold Coast area with no fuss installation.

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Do you struggle with the heat in summer? OR, perhaps you find the mid-winter chill unbearable?

Here at Pristine Aircon our installation team are the experts in headache-free supply & installs of split system air conditioners. Our team is dedicated to you getting the right fit for your home. We also calculate what air conditioning solution will be the best and most energy-efficient to save you money in the long run.

Our team supply and install an extensive range of top brands for your house, unit, townhouse or business property. Bought your own split system? Give our friendly team a call today for a installer quote?

The installation process

What to consider when choosing to install a system

Size of Air Conditioner

Make sure that the AC unit has suitable spacing surrounding the unit to ensure adequate airflow and operability. Our technicians analyse the available space and ensure that your split system is the right dimensions. If the AC is too small, you have to run it continuously resulting in higher consumption of energy.

Cost, Efficiency & Quality

It is a common practice to purchase the least expensive AC systems to save money. However, the pricier units prove to be a stronger long-term investment. They are more energy-efficient, which directly translates into reduces energy bills and in some cases have enhanced air filtration systems. You should also consider your budget while choosing a new AC system. Cost factor plays a major role in choosing an AC system, but you should also take into account the quality. More expensive systems are often of higher quality and can stay in optimal working condition for longer. You should focus on the specifications of AC units to determine the most appropriate option rather than the listed price.

Energy Consumption

Make sure that you purchase an energy efficient AC system to decrease your electricity bill. You must check the energy efficiency rating, also known as EER rating. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient is the system. Energy efficient AC units are suitable for the environment. They do not emit harmful gases. Modern systems come equipped with functions such as variable fan speed, sleep settings and digital temperature controls.

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Advantages of a Split System Air Conditioner

Ducted systems lose a lot of energy through ductwork, and leaky ducts can see a loss of up to 30% in cooling energy. When you have uninsulated ductwork or ductwork that’s been installed in unconditioned spaces, this causes energy efficiency problems. Since split systems offer a completely ductless design, this increases your energy savings and reduces money spent.

An indoor ductless unit can operate as silently as 19 decibels, which is significantly quieter than a window unit. Its ductless condenser is also much slimmer in profile, and makes it easy for you to position them in various locations where noise might be a factor or there isn’t a lot of space.

The operation of the split system is simple since it can be done from the comfort of your couch using a remote. The system can also cool or heat spaces very quickly, hence greater convenience.

A split air conditioning unit is easy to set up with only a small space through the wall required for a lowset back to back install where the copper tubing and the control wing passes. The installation is also cost-effective since only little modifications to your house are required for the fittings. Prices can vary between back to back and up and over installs.

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Air conditioner installation Brisbane

Air Conditioning Brisbane

Has your Aircon broken down?

The qualified air-conditioning technicians at Pristine Aircon Cleaning can help. We offer a complete split system audit across all across Brisbane.

Whether it’s your lounge room split system or your small bedroom unit isn’t working as it should, our techs are able to provide a comprehensive quote on the spot for a new unit. Get in touch with our team today for your free quote!

Unfortunately, we do not complete air conditioner repairs at this time.

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Pristine's Frequently Asked Questions

Our air conditioner installation Brisbane team have extensive experience working with a range of brands and models. However, over the years by directly working with our customers and listening to their feedback we’ve identified the following brands to be the best on the market.

  • Panasonic
  • Hisense
  • Fujitsu
  • Kelvinator

Each customer has their own needs & preferences so we would recommend contacting our team to discuss the right fit for you.

Multi-split systems are ideal for large rooms which require more than one unit to circulate cool air. For example, a dining room, family room, TV room for instance. These types of installations aren’t suitable for use throughout an entire property; if you sounds like a requirement which you’re looking for, a ducted system is better suited. Organise a call with our team to ensure you’re requirements are met to the right type of system.

A basic formula you can use to get an estimate:
1. Calculate the area of the room.
2. Multiply the area by 150* watts.

An example for a 8 meter x 6 meter room would be:

8m x 6m = 48 m2
48 (m2) x 150 (watts) = 7200 watts or 7.2Kw

In some areas of Brisbane, you might experience more intense heat at particular times of the day so we recommend informing your installer which direction your room faces. For example, rooms facing South require less cooling throughout Summer but increase heating in Winter months. Also, if the room is a larger room and is has large windows a higher kilowatt system would be ideal.

Should 2 or more people frequently occupy a room during the day, we also recommend adding an extra 200w for each additional person to ensure the room is adequately cooled.

While each unit lifespan varies, if the system is routinely serviced and the filters and air vents are cleaned you should expect approximately 10-years or more depending on the model and the amount of use.

We service most suburbs from Brisbane Northside to the Southside. We service a variety of types of air conditioner units. There is no property too big or small to be serviced/cleaned by our aircon professionals. To get a quote for your specific air conditioning unit, please get in touch.

Autumn or Winter:

At this time of year, it is probably the best time to ensure it is cleaned as it likely would have had extensive use throughout the Summer heat which would have resulted in the gradual accumulation & build-up of Dust, Bacteria as well as Mould. This is often when our aircon servicing technicians are their busiest, so we recommend clients get in touch ASAP to avoid delays.

When the temperature begins to drop, and it’s time to start putting the heating on, when using a unit which is filled with dirt and grime it’s going to recycle that Dust, Mould and Pathogens that has gathered and grown in your Air Con Unit spreading the harmful bacteria and odours around the air which you breath.

If you’re susceptible to a running nose or other hayfever symptoms, then Pristine Aircon Cleaning is the right trusted aircon servicing technicians for you!

It’s also the perfect time to get your air conditioner cleaned up and ready for the next heatwaves to be had in Brisbane. Avoid the heat & flue season with our pristine servicing.

Spring and Summer:

It’s normal for us to put off crucial jobs until it’s too late, but when that heatwave begins to strike and the days become more and more miserable, you will look to your ceiling and remember that job which never got done in Winter. Your aircon unit desperately requires a service, all the cleaning & repair specialists are booked out, and you’re stuck sweating in the scorching heat.

Don’t let your office, home or bedroom become a sauna plagued with harmful bacteria, call one of Brisbane’s trusted aircon servicing specialists – Pristine Aircon Cleaning! We guarantee fast, professional, no-stress servicing.

We also recommend ensuring the compressor is located under the shade to avoid overheating during the day.

We recommend when it comes to the summertime to keep away from trapping heat within the house by closing off any curtains, shades or blinds. Ensure your air conditioner is set to 24° to save on energy bills. Many newer aircon units allow for a timer to be used which automatically turns off the AC once the desired temperature within the room is reached. This not only consumes less energy but can help reduce the buildup of dust, mould and bacteria in the aircon.

In the winter most, we advise setting your air conditioners temperature to 22° to ensure it is operating at its peak efficiency. Another easy method of cutting down your energy bill is setting the AC to 26° and placing the timer on for 10-15 minutes and utilising a fan to circulate all the warm air around the home. Once, you have reached your desired temperature, adjust the air conditioners temperature back down to 22°.

We strongly recommend getting your air conditioner service completed before the peak seasons hit to avoid any unpleasant waits by service technicians in your area. If you’re having difficulties getting a hold of a cleaning specialist in your area, give us a call today to organise a time which is most convenient for you

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