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Pristine Aircon Cleaning removes mould, dirt and other contaminants from your air-conditioner, making it work more efficiently and reducing power usage by up to 22%

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Welcome to Pristine

Pristine Air-con Cleaning is a small, Australian family-owned business devoted to ridding your home of nasty contaminants building up in your AC unit.


We specialize in cleaning split systems and window box units, removing unwanted and unsanitary elements from the air you breathe.


A yearly deep clean is recommended to ensure your air-conditioner is running at its peak efficiency. Not only will it keep your air-con free from bacteria and other harmful contaminants, but it will reduce power consumption and save you that extra money.


Pristine proudly services all suburbs in Brisbane and surrounding areas (up to 50km radius): including Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast and North Brisbane regions.


We are fully insured and offer a 100% guarantee service or money back.

Are you experiencing any of the following?


Power bill spikes?

An untreated air-con unit can increase your electricity consumption by up to 20%. Why? Over time, contaminants will build up within the coil and fan barrel, restricting the amount of airflow that can pass through your unit’s coil fins while also weighing down the fan barrel. This causes the unit to draw more power, over-working your air-conditioner.


Longer time to reach temperatures?

An air-conditioner’s fan barrel is a long cylinder with small plastic fins, each spaced apart 1cm approximately, which surround the barrel. Over time, contaminants will build up between the fins and restrict the airflow. This causes your air-con to take longer than usual to cool/heat your room. After our clean, your AC unit will get to the desired temperature faster and reduce excess electricity usage.


Cold & Flu Symptoms?

Every time your air-con runs, the build-up of harmful contaminants inside your AC unit blows through your home into the air you breathe. Air-conditioning cleaning is highly recommended for those who suffer from asthma and sinus symptoms. Having your air-con professionally cleaned will exterminate all mould and other unsanitary elements thriving within your air-con, which in turn reduces cold & flu-like symptoms.




Dramatically increases the efficiency of your air-conditioner, reducing your electricity consumption by up to 20%. aircon cleaning

Quicker Temperatures

Improves your air-conditioner’s performance, reaching your ideal temperature faster. Perfect for those summer months!

Air Quality Improvements

Improves air-quality by removing mould, bacteria and other nasty contaminates.

AC Lifespan

Air-conditioner lifespan increased.

Allergen Sufferers

Recommended service for all Asthma and allergy sufferers.

Odour Elimination

No more bad odours & water leaks from your air-conditioner.


Why should I get my aircon cleaned?

Over time your Air-Conditioner will start to build up Bacteria which consist of mold, sludge, dirt, grime, dust and DNA particles this will reduce your units efficiency, the air-conditioner's ability to cool/heat the air, and give off bad odours. Most of all, an untreated air-con can cause medical issues such as:

  • Flu-like symptoms (incl. repetitive symptoms)
  • Coughing and sore throat
  • Eye, nose and throat irritation
  • Congestion and wheezing
  • Headaches
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Respiratory problems such as breathing difficulty, breathing irritation and/or breathing discomfort

Professional cleaning removes the built up bacteria, allowing the air-conditioner to work like new.

The results of a professionally decontaminated and washed air-conditioner are reduced health risks, improved cooling/heating effectiveness by as much as 50%, reduced running costs by as much as 30%, and many more benefits.

Will there be water spills?

Our setup is 100% water-proof, designed not to have any water spills to your walls or floors. A photo of our setup is above.

Should I regularly get my air-conditioner serviced?

Regular AC servicing will reduce flu-like symptoms caused by a untreated unit. It will also save on electricity, increase performance and efficiency, and return the airflow to a clean, fresh smell.

Why is air-conditioning cleaning important for my health?

A professional clean decontaminates your AC unit and removes the build up of bacteria in the air you breathe. Therefore, dramatically reducing health risks caused by unwanted elements living and breeding in your home.

Why does my air-con smell?

In most cases, your air-conditioner will be giving off bad odours due to the amount of mould and bacteria within the AC unit's fan barrel, coil and drip tray. Our deep clean will exterminate all bacteria and pungent smells within the unit. We also apply a tea tree oil-based solution to prevent mould from growing for up to 12 months, leaving your air-conditioner smelling fresh.

Happy Customers

"Fantastic service and worth every dollar! Could not believe the difference that it made and super happy with the service and results! Our aircon looks brand new!!"

- Shelley Thomas

"Had Chris out yesterday to clean my air conditioner. I could not believe that such a fantastic and professional service could be provided at such a reasonable price. Strongly recommend."

- Sarah Warner

"Our air con started to smell so it was time for a service. Chris came out on time, very tidy, excellent service! I highly recommend Pristine Aircon Cleaning! I will be returning again!"

- Kathryn Vellacott

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